Company Profile 


The Stockwell development team manages the planning and delivery of quality multi-use developments. They specialise in site identification, statutory planning, master planning, development approvals, finance procurement and feasibility management.

Stockwell has a comprehensive understanding of planning law and recognises the benefits of timely community consultation and supported negotiations with the relevant authorities.

Stockwell understands a client's need for a well planned development that delivers maximum return in both the long and short term.  Therefore, each approval Stockwell negotiates carefully considers both current and future planning schemes and community based infrastructure and assets.

Stockwell Development integrates its services with the valuable resources available in Stockwell's design, construction and management departments.  This integration enables smart and effective development solutions to be reached from project conception to completion.

Current Stockwell developments include Dutton Place (Dutton Park), Riverpoint Apartments (West End) and Northern Beaches Central (Mackay).

For further information please contact Mark Stockwell
Managing Director
Phone: 07 3004 6888   Fax: 07 3004 6899


Property Management

The core services of Stockwell Property Managment include general property management, leasing and asset management.

The property management team are committed to maximising the return value of each property through strategic management solutions that include regular analysis of planning law changes and competitor movements.

Stockwell's property managers employ a hands-on approach when managing tenant relations and centre operations.  Their services include:

  • Managing the tenancy mix
  • Leasing strategies
  • Centre marketing
  • Community relations
  • Centre operations
  • Administration, reporting and accounts

Stockwell's leasing and administration team provides accurate market intelligence and strategic advice on lease structures and rent review mechanisms.  The leasing executives maximise asset returns by controlling tenant vacancies through lease renewals, sourcing new tenants and analysing the tenancy mix.

Stockwell's dedicated lease administration specialists are responsible for all lease administration issues, including lease analysis, negotiations and reporting.

Stockwell Property Management delivers long term property returns through strategic asset planning, including:

  • The preparation and submission of valuation briefs,
  • Maximising future development opportunities through careful planning and monitoring of planning schemes,
  • Liaising with external parties such as community stakeholders and local government to realise future expansions and refurbishments.

Stockwell Property Management currently manages a portfolio of retail centres located in Brisbane and regional Queensland including: Northern Beaches Central (Mackay), Bargara Central, Poinciana Place (Tewantin) and Sarina Beach Road Shopping Centre.

For further information please contact Sam Kroeger
General Manager, Stockwell Property Management
Phone: 07 3004 6888  Fax: 07 3004 6899


Funds Management

After 33 years of developing and investing in commercial and retail property assets valued at over $1b, Stockwell has established a Funds Management division where wholesale and sophisticated investors have the opportunity to invest alongside Stockwell, a reputable and experienced asset manager and investor in a series of property trusts.

Stockwell has extensive experience in managing various types of property assets, and has been an investor since the inception of the business. The Funds Management team consists of an experienced group of individuals, with Mark Stockwell and Michael Kelso being the directors of Stockwell Funds Management Pty Ltd. The Funds Management team has widespread experience in the creation and operation of property managed investment schemes, including both registered and unregistered schemes.

The Stockwell Funds Management team is responsible for:

  1. Financial modelling and due diligence
  2. Product creation
  3. Investor Liaison
  4. Acting as Trustee
  5. Trust Management and compliance

 For further information please contact Andrew Dalton
Phone: 07 3004 6836  Fax: 07 3004 6899

Design and Construction  

The Stockwell Design and Construction team provides quality building solutions, delivering design and construction management, project reporting and cost control.

Stockwell Design and Construction offers the benefits of a fully integrated cost-managed design and construction service.

Stockwell's highly experienced design managers, cost planners and construction managers work as a unified professional team to deliver quality projects on time and within budget.

Stockwell understands a client's need for a controlled project budget and a functionally driven design and therefore, offers the following essential core services:

1. Design Management
2. Construction Management
3. Project Reporting
4. Cost Control

Stockwell Design and Construction has attained Quality Assurance Certification and is registered on the Queensland Government Building Prequalification System.

Current Stockwell Design and Construction projects include: Bargara Central in Queensland's Coral Coast and Riverpoint Apartments in Brisbane's West End.

For further information:-
Phone: 07 3004 6888   Fax: 07 3004 6899