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Stockwell Living is responsible for the management of Stockwell’s residential developments. Stockwell Living has a team of managers who attend to over 450 apartments across 4 properties. The number of apartments is set to grow to over 900 in the next few years.

Stockwell Living focuses on two key areas of management:

  • Building Management – with an on-site Manager, we ensure the common property is properly maintained, that the By-Laws are complied with and that the owner’s assets are maintained to a high standard.
  • Property Management – we offer all owners a full on-site property management service including advertising, letting, rent collection, arrears management and property maintenance co-ordination.

Our managers ensure the complex is managed and maintained to the highest possible standard.  The health and safety of the residents and guests will always be a priority of our Managers.

Stockwell Living is headed by Jackie Johnson.

Muse apartments

Muse apartments

RIverpoint   apartments

RIverpoint apartments

boggo Road village   apartments

boggo Road village apartments

Dutton place apartments

Dutton place apartments