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Stockwell Funds Management Pty Ltd, is licensed under AFSL 437581 to provide the financial services associated with creating and managing unregistered managed investment schemes and raising capital from Wholesale Investors.

After many decades of developing and investing in residential, commercial and retail property assets, in 2013 Stockwell established the Funds Management division (Stockwell Funds Management Pty Ltd) where investors have the opportunity to invest alongside Stockwell, a reputable and experienced asset manager and investor.

Stockwell has extensive experience in managing various types of property assets, and has been an investor in properties since the inception of the business.

The Funds Management team consists of an experienced group. Mark Stockwell and Michael Kelso are the directors of Stockwell Funds Management Pty Ltd and, together with John Widdup and Victor Hoog Antink, form the Investment Committee.

Andrew Dalton is the head of Stockwell Funds Management. Together with employees of Stockwell, Andrew has extensive experience in the creation and operation of property based unregistered managed investment schemes.

The Stockwell Funds Management team is responsible for:

  • Financial modelling and due diligence;

  • Product creation;

  • Investor Liaison;

  • Acting as Trustee;

  • Trust Management and compliance.