Andrew Dalton


Andrew is responsible for heading the Funds Management business and
is a member of the Stockwell Group Management Team. Andrew has over 26 years experience in the Australian property industry and joined Stockwell in 2001 as Development Manager.

With a wide range of experience in property development, investment, and asset management, Andrew has been responsible for delivering various retail, commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Andrew has extensive expertise in the  creation and operation of property based managed investment schemes, including overall management and delivery of projects from product identification and assessment, asset acquisition and divestment, capital raising, development management, tenancy co-ordination, project leasing and marketing.

In addition to Funds Management, Andrew has previously held positions in property development, investment and architectural firms including McKerrell Lynch, Graystone and Nettleton Tribe. Prior to joining Stockwell, Andrew established investment and property development company, Charlton Group.