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Flagstone Village Property Trust

Investment Status: Fund Open

Fund Type: Retail Property Trust

Asset Class: Neighbourhood Shopping Centre

Underlying Asset: Flagstone Village Shopping Centre

Leased to: Woolworths + specialty shops

Location: Flagstone, QLD

Indicative "On Completion" Valuation: $51,500,000

Capital Raising: $28,400,000 approx.

Targeted Income: 7.00% to 7.50% p.a. average cash returns over the term

Targeted Performance: 11.0% IRR

Investment Term: 7-10 years

The Trust will provide Investors with the opportunity to invest alongside Stockwell which has over 65 years experience in asset management, development and investments. Further benefits include: 

  • Stockwell will own Units in the Trust, which will align the interests of the Development Manager, Stockwell Development Group Pty Ltd, with those of other Investors;
  • The Property offers security of income through Woolworths as an anchor tenant with a new 15 year lease term, plus 10x5 year options;
  • Woolworths will occupy approximately 45% of net lettable area, representing 30% of net rent of the Property;
  • Located in the high growth suburb of Flagstone, the centre forms part of the greater Flagstone Region corridor;
  • The region is proposed to accommodate up to 120,000 people and is the Queensland Government's largest Priority Development Area;
  • Population growth in the main trade areas are expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 9.0%;
  • The interest rate on senior debt used to acquire and develop the Property is anticipated to be fixed for 5 years at an estimated interest rate of 4.5%p.a;
  • Anticipated initial LVR of approximately 50% based on the indicative "On Completion" Valuation.

If you would like to register your interest, please contact:
Andrew Dalton
0411 492 111 

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