Funds Management

Stockwell created Stockwell Funds Management to give wholesale and sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest with Stockwell in a series of property and debt facility trusts.

Stockwell has extensive experience in the management of various types of assets and has had a focus on investment since the business's inception. The experienced group of individuals behind the Funds Management are led by its directors Mark Stockwell and Michael Kelso. The Funds Management team has widespread experience in the creation and operation of property managed investment schemes, including both registered and unregistered schemes.

In order to maintain Stockwell's strong committment to corporate governance there is an Investment Committee that independently reviews any potential asset acquisitions. 

The Stockwell Funds Management team is responsible for:

  • Financial modelling and due diligence
  • Product creation
  • Investor Liaison
  • Acting as Trustee
  • Trust Management and compliance

SFM is headed by
Andrew Dalton
0411 492 111