Property Management

Stockwell Property Management (SPM) is a licensed real estate agent integrating general property management, leasing and asset management.

The property management team is committed to maximising the return value of each property through strategic management solutions. This includes regular analysis of planning law changes and competitor movements.

Stockwell’s property managers employ a pro-active hands-on approach for managing tenant relationships and centre operations. 

The experienced team can deliver on all elements of property management including:

● Asset Management
● Managing the tenancy mix
● Leasing strategies
● Centre marketing
● Community relations
● Centre operations
● Administration, reporting and accounts.

The SPM team has a vast array of experience in neighbourhood centres across metro, sub-regional and regional locations. 

SPM concentrates on five key areas:
1. Income - leasing and rent collection
2. Operations - operating effectively within budget
3. Risk Management - ensuring a safe environment for owners, tenants and visitors
4. Marketing centres to optimise spend
5. Reporting promptly to owners.

For further information please contact Sam Kroeger
General Manager
Phone: 07 3004 6888