Habitat Construction Update - October 2015

Another month has passed and we've seen great progress on the construction of the apartments at Habitat West End.


Suspended services for mechanical, storm water, sewer and water is underway.

Building 1 Structure

Slab is complete to Levels 1,2, 3 and 4. 

Level 4 Blockwork is underway.

Building 8 Structure

Slab and blockwork complete to all levels. 

Structural Steel Roof framing underway.

Building 8 Interiors

Kitchens and Tiling complete to levels 1-3.
Plasterboard is complete to Level 4 and underway in Level 5. 
Initial spray out and paint has been completed to Level 4. 

Pool & Recreation Area

Podium, Level 1 slab and pool structure complete. Blockwork is underway. 
The tile finish is selected and ordered.  
Sales Update
We currently have 95% sold. There are still a few one and two bedroom apartments still available. Please direct all sales enquiries to maddison@stockwells.com.

Kind Regards,
Leanne Porter
Development Manager