Habitat Construction Update - December 2015

Investment Apartment West End

Welcome to the latest edition of the Habitat construction update.

Settlement Update
An email will be sent today to each buyer with an update on settlement and completion dates for Habitat/Riverpoint on Forbes. This will be sent to the nominated email address identified on the Expression of Interest form.

Please contact us if you have a change of contact details or have not received this letter. Send your preferred email or postal address to amanda@stockwells.com and we will send you a copy. Thankyou.

At the end of this month the status of the works on site, can be briefly described as follows:

Building 1 Structure

  • All floor slabs and block work is complete
  • Level 1 plaster complete, joinery installed, internal tiling complete.
  • Level 2 rough in of services is complete, plaster complete, glazing underway, tile bedding is complete.
  • Level 3 party walls complete, internal framing complete to 50%, structural steel underway to western side.
  • Level 4 roofing is complete, dropped ceiling installation is underway.

Building 8 Structure

  • All floor slabs are complete.
  • Structural roof and roof sheeting is complete.
  • Level 1 Basically complete, appliances installed, final coat of paint and defects/carpet remains.
  • Level 2 appliance installation complete, final paint and defects/carpet remain.
  • Level 3 appliances installation complete, final paint and defects/carpet remain.
  • Level 4 joinery and bench tops installed, tiling almost complete, plumbing fit off underway, mechanical int/ext units installed [no fit off].
  • Level 5 joinery installed, bench tops underway, internal tiling underway, external patio tiling well advanced.
  • Level 6 glazing installed, balustrade installed, rough in of services complete, plaster sheeting well underway.

Pool & Recreation Area

  • No additional work this period to the recreational room.
  • Block work to external landscaping garden beds well underway.


  • Basement mechanical ventilation basically complete.
  • Fire service installation basically complete.

Sales Update
There are 139 apartments sold at Habtiat, with 9 remaining to be sold. Please direct all sales enquiries tomaddison@stockwells.com

Stockwell will be closed from December 18, 2015 to January 10, 2016.

Kind Regards,
Leanne Porter
Development Manager - Stockwell Development Group Pty Ltd