Habitat Construction Update - February

Investment Apartment West End
Habitat West End

Welcome to the latest edition of the Habitat construction update. The construction of Buildings 1, 8 and the recreation area at Habitat has progressed during January with the following works completed and underway:

We currently have just 3 apartments remaining! Please direct all sales enquiries to maddison@stockwells.com

Building 1

  • Structure is complete.
  • Roofing is installed.
  • Level 1: The joinery and tiling has been completed and the electrical and plumbing well underway.
  • Level 2: The internal tiling, electrical and plumbing works are almost complete and the joinery has been completed.
  • Level 3: The plaster sheeting is nearly done. The glazing has been installed and tiling inside the units is underway.
  • Level 4: The plaster sheeting is almost complete.

Building 8

  • Structure is complete.
  • Levels 1 & 2: Both levels are almost complete. Carpet will be installed soon and then a final clean will be done.
  • Level 3: Internal electrical, mechanical and plumbing works are almost complete.
  • Level 4: The joinery, bench tops and appliances have all been installed. All tiling inside the units has been completed.
  • Level 5: The joinery, tiling, bench tops are all complete. Appliances have been installed. 
  • Level 6: The tiling and joinery have been completed. Appliances have been installed.

Pool & Recreation Area

  • The block work to external gardens, recreation room, gym and managers's unit is complete.
  • Wall framing and mid floor frame and sheeting is complete to recreation room and gym.
  • Pool structure and shell are complete.

Scaffolding & crane will be taken down soon! 

  •  Scaffold drop has commenced and is continuing.
  • Crane to be taken down on 26th February 2016